Worshiping Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM at 65 – 11 St. East



How do we portray St. Paul’s pictorially when we do not have our own building to meet in? That is a good question because it forces us to reflect on what the ‘church’ really is and it stimulates our imaginations to come up with more than the obvious. How about a Nurse Tree?

On the West Coast, in the late 1800’s, the loggers began to cut down the massive old-forest trees, leaving the massive stumps like the one you see in the photo above. It is a ‘nurse’ tree because of the new growth that is growing out of the rotting stump of one these old giants of the woods. Seldom does the same variety of tree grow out of the stump – more often a fruitful huckleberry bush or a feathery hemlock tree.

For us at St. Paul’s, we are waiting to see what new growth will sprout since circumstances have forced us to leave behind the former St. Paul’s. Just like those old stumps, ‘old St. Paul’s’ remains in our hearts as a noble memorial to what once was. But, as followers of the risen Christ, we do not get stuck in the past but we move on into the new, led by God’s Spirit and beckoned forward by God’s vision.

Will that new growth be a new building – the fifth in St. Paul’s history since 1866? Maybe, but even if we do end up with another building, the new St. Paul’s will not be that building but a refreshed vision and a resolute commitment to be Christ’s presence in Prince Albert now.

In the forest, the nutrients still held within the nurse-tree give life to what comes after. Upon such a foundation, the next generation of the forest grows. So may our legacy provide the base for the new generation that is emerging for St. Paul’s.