Mission & Outreach Committee

The group meets several times a year at Riverside school to make soup that provides approximately 55 containers of soup each time for a lunch program for the school children as well as for emergency food hampers anytime one of the student’s families is in need.  The congregation makes regular donations of non-perishable foods to keep the emergency food cupboard stocked and ready whenever a need arises.


At Christmas, a special appeal is made to provide hampers for families within Riverside School, bringing help and hope to dozens of families in the community and a particularly sensitive time.

At a recent meeting with Mona, Principal of Riverside school, she spoke of three children attending her school.

One, a boy about 8 years old, wore his dad’s coat as he did not have his own. His dad is a big man, over 6 feet tall and the coat almost touched the ground when the boy wore it. Another child, a girl in grade three, wore her mother’s winter boots stuffed with tissue so her feet would stay in them.  The children’s teachers took money from Christmas donations to go out and purchase a coat for the boy and winter boots for the girl.   At a Christmas luncheon at Riverside school a third child wanted to know if he could take some plates of  turkey dinner home with him to keep for Christmas day as he didn’t know if they would be having Christmas dinner. This is one of the families that received a hamper. Mona said these are not unusual stories of children in her school and the hampers provided by the church are certainly welcomed by the families all year round.

The major project of our Mission and Outreach Committee is the annual TRI-TO-SEND-KIDS-TO-CAMP program.  Through year-long fund-raising efforts, this program is able to send upwards of 125 children and youth to summer camp who would otherwise not be able to go.  The ‘TRI’ in the name refers to the symbolic windup of each year’s fund-raising efforts when several people run, swim, and bike from camping country north of Prince Albert into the city, where a BBQ is held to celebrate a year of hard work and, especially, its results.  In addition to summer camp, TRI funds annual Cultural Camps for local school children, as well as assisting locally held summer Literacy Camps.  From its original beginnings as a congregational-based effort, this program has now expanded to include a much wider community partnership, with representatives from Riverside, King George, and WJ Berezowsky Schools and PACI working with St. Paul’s folk to make it all happen.  In addition to many individual supporters of our various fund-raisers, a number of community groups and organizations pitch in with additional grants.  Our major sponsor is the Malcolm Jenkins Family Foundation.  We are grateful to all of them for helping build skills and character for the next generation of community leaders.

Christina Mills Presbyterian Women

Any woman who feels the need of Christian fellowship and nurture is invited to join this group. A warm welcome awaits you.  The women conduct a variety of activities ranging from a monthly Bible study gathering to various supportive services when a congregational special event arises.  Contact the church for more information.