After 151 years of faithful service within Prince Albert, the congregation of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church will hold its final Service on June 25, 2017.

After several recent setbacks and given the general decline within the mainline churches in our times, the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan passed a motion to dissolve the congregation as of June 30, 2017.  Over the past three and a half years – since structural damage forced the congregation out of its iconic building downtown – the congregation has been exploring various options to continue.  Reluctantly, the point came when it was evident that there was no longer sufficient resources and energy to continue.

The people of St. Paul’s will say goodbye with a mixture of feelings: pride in its central role in the founding and development of the City of Prince Albert; disappointment and grief at its decline and closing; and gratitude to God for God’s faithfulness throughout the generations.

That faith will outlive the congregation and may lead to resurrection: to the reestablishment of a new ministry and mission in Prince Albert in the future. Right now, though, the task before the remaining congregational members is to support one another through so dramatic and traumatic a time.

More details of the plans for closure will be announced as they are formulated. In the meantime, the congregation continues to worship faithfully each Sunday morning at 11am at 292 15th Avenue East under the leadership of its Interim Minister, the Rev. Ted Hicks.  The doors are still open and visitors and well-wishers are always welcome.


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